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Rifle Hunting




Matlabas Safari Lodge will serve as the base camp for the duration of your hunt in the Limpopo province. Matlabas Safaris consists of 10 000 acres of privately owned hunting concessions and an additional 40 000 acres of hunting concessions at our disposal. Hunting photo & image galleries are available here.












At Matlabas Safaris Limpopo farm you can hunt up to twenty two species of wild game.
We also have a North-West province concession that offers species that are not available in the Limpopo province

During bushveld safaris typical shooting distances vary between 80 and 200 meters (260 to 650 Feet). Depending on the species being hunted any rifle from a 30-06, 308 and bigger may be used. For hunting larger species such as Buffalo a .375 or bigger is required for safety, we recommend something that can pack at least 500 grains of lead. We recommend the use of a 4x32mm telescope or bigger.

During the hunt you will at all times be accompanied by a Professional Hunter and a tracker, who’s focus is making your hunt pleasant, interesting and safe. Their knowledge of the bush and animal behavior will prove invaluable as you stalk your target.

Firearms safety is of utmost importance at Matlabas Safaris. Your rifle should be packed without any ammunition in a sturdy rifle case, while your ammunition should be packed separately in a secure metal case. Bringing a hunting rifle into South Africa is not difficult, although it is easier to fly via Europe to avoid customs queues for rifle imports from the US. It is important that you have the correct documentation with you on arrival:

  • A letter of invitation from Matlabas Safaris with our outfitter’s permit number on it
  • Valid proof of ownership for your rifle (US citizens require a US customs form 4457)
  • A firearms certificate or hunting license
  • An SAP 520 form (South African Police), completed in black and signed in the presence of an SAP officer at the Airport

These are the minimum caliber requirements for Rifle hunting at Matlabas Safaris:



Small size species:
(Springbuck, Duiker etc.)

Medium size species:
(Kudu, Oryx, Hartebeest, Eland etc.)

Big species:
(Buffalo, Elephant etc.)



243, 270 or bigger

30-06, 308, 338 or bigger

375, 416 or bigger









Bow Hunting




Matlabas Safaris accommodate Compound, Re-curve and Traditional Bowhunters.

Our Bowhunting blinds are strategically placed for maximum opportunity for an average shooting distance between 10 to 25 meters (35 to 82 feet). Our permanent blinds are spacious and well camouflaged with slots and spotting holes specifically suited for bow hunting. A professional hunter will at all times accompany you while in the blind. We also conduct bow hunting by traditional walk and stalk methods.

You will typically require a bow and arrow combination producing a minimum of 65 ft/lbs of kinetic energy while using broad-head tipped arrows. We also recommend lighted sight pins when you hunt from inside a blind, whilst a range finder will also come in handy

The minimum equipment requirements for Bow Hunting at Matlabas Safaris:



Small size species:
(Springbuck, Duiker etc.)

Medium size species:
(Kudu, Oryx, Hartebeest, Eland etc.)

Big species:
(Buffalo, Elephant etc.)



Bow Kinetic Energy of 25 ft/lbs with arrow weight of 350 grain minimum

Bow Kinetic Energy of  40 ft/lbs with arrow weight of 400 grain minimum

Bow Kinetic Energy of 65 ft/lbs with arrow weight of 450 grain minimum





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