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At Matlabas Safaris we cater for both Rifle- and Bow-Hunting. As experienced outfitters we offer legal regulated hunting of over 22 species to both Trophy and Biltong hunters. For more information click here











Although Matlabas Safaris is not situated next to a dam. lake or ocean, we are well seasoned in organizing fishing tours and expeditions to prime fishing spots around South Africa and in neighboring African countries. For more information click here










Game Drives

When you are not hunting, or if you prefer to shoot with a camera, or if you simply want to get out and experience the African bush - we cater for all your game viewing needs. Matlabas Safaris has a select area on our farm around the camp in which hunting is not allowed to ensure there is always something to see and photograph.











Whether you have a serious interest in Astronomy, or just enjoy looking up at the stars at night, you won’t find any clearer view of the sky than at Matlabas Safaris. You wont need a telescope to be dazzled by the billions of stars visible from our isolated location far away from civilization and light pollution.



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